A Night to Remember

Mud River

Hello all,

The CD release concert was an evening I will never forget. The combination of Local 522 with the talents of the band and the enthusiasm of the audience made for an extraordinary evening. Thank you to all who came out that night.

I’d really like to take this opportunity to recognize David Kean and the Audities Foundation for not only making ‘House of Sticks’ the album it is, but for making the CD release a success. Audities is an exceptional studio, not only because of David or its beauty, but because we had access to state of the art production, specialized equipment and authentic instruments. How many studios house an ondes Martenot, a harp guitar and several early Moog sythesizers, to name a few gems? A special thank you to David for lugging several not-so-portable instruments, guitar amps and gear out to the show. This was paramount in contributing to the sound that night.

Lastly, please check out the latest articles and reviews on the ‘press’ page. I am also pretty excited to share that the album charted on CKUA and CJSW.


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  1. Thanks, Andrea…that was SO much fun!!! And thank you for the kind words. I think the time and the effort came back 100 fold from such great songs. They were like little sonic magic boxes- the more we put in, the more they gave back.

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