Andrea Revel’s long awaited third album House of Sticks is a journey of twists and turns from one song to the next, combining beautiful melodies with intellectually playful arrangements. Revel toils with happiness, regret, love, denial, hope and longing in a manner that is at times tongue-in-cheek and at others raw. No matter what pathway Revel leads you down, her jaunty, shimmering voice is the lodestar that navigates the sundry landscape of her songs.

After living and performing in Montreal for five years, Revel decided to return to her hometown Calgary. Her longing for home had begun to influence her songwriting, harking back to an alt-countryesque feel and alluding to Revel’s acoustic roots. This was quite a leap from her last album Citysong, which was most noted for its beats and bleeps. When she returned to Calgary, she brought with her 7 new songs culled from a songwriting residency at Montreal’s Green Room in the Mile End Cultural Centre. Before leaving, Revel archived these songs on a demo co-produced with Montreal musician and producer Rick Coluccio. These painstakingly arranged recordings sat on the backburner for some time until RAWLCO Radio took notice and helped make the album a reality. As a result, Revel was able to unite with David Kean of the Audities Foundation. She then added 2 more songs to the collection, including the gorgeous lament Dollar Signs by Montreal singer-songwriter Snailhouse. House of Sticks was recorded in David’s studio in the Foothills with the help of a whack load of talented friends and Juno Award-winner Russell Broom (Jann Arden, The Dudes), who added his 6-string talent to the mix. At long last, House of Sticks was born.

Revel has opened for Andy Stochansky, Lindy, Jorane, Jeremy Fisher, David Francey and Rae Spoon. Wetlabel describes her live as “…absolutely incredible. Her writing is fresh, her voice angelic and her guitar playing is simply out of this world”. Revel’s second album Citysong was licensed to Difference Music in Portugal and made its European debut in 2006. The album broke top ten on several college and local radio stations in Canada and the US; CKUA ranked it among the top 3 Albertan CDs of 2004.

Revel’s music has been featured most recognizably in Old Navy and Target TV commercials, in the television series HBO’s Cathouse, This is Wonderland, Re-genesis, Zoe Busiek; Wild Card, 1-800-Missing and in the Montreal films Amnésie: L’Énigme de James Brighton and What is Indie? Revel continues to collaborate with sound designer and electronic producer Michael McCann (FUBAR, It’s All Gone Pete Tong). She has sung on his video game soundtracks for Splinter Cell IV: Double Agent and Deus Ex: Human Revolution.