“Such carefully arranged numbers, infused with a wild and graceful spirit, are the palpable result of Revel’s emotional explorations, providing both comfort and cause for contemplation. ” Ffwd Magazine

“Revel’s new album touches on many themes, but one of the most dominant is the internal debate that surrounded her decision to leave Montreal and return to her roots in Calgary.” The Gauntlet

“Being in the here and now is a difficult thing to master when you’re being forced to look both forward and back. ” The Calgary Herald

“On this sophomore release, the Montreal-via-Calgary native has painted a mesmerising sonic landscape, which is more importantly supported by equally enchanting songs. ” – Exclaim! Magazine

Revel is “introspective without being indulgent and sophisticated without being standoffish” – Montreal Gazette

Revel “marries her folk roots side with light electronic beats and atmospherics for a moody and intoxicating disc” – Calgary Sun

“I have always been interested in Revel’s work, especially her unjustly overlooked release Citysong.” – The Record, Kitchener, ON

Placements: TV, Film and video games

Flapper Jane featured on HBO’s on mini-documentary series Cathouse (2011)

Andrea’s vocals on videogame Deus Ex: Human Revolution (2010)

Right Before My Eyes featured in Target’s fall 2007 campaign

Clap! Shake! Jump! featured in Old Navy’s spring 2006 campaign

Andrea’s vocals on videogame Splinter Cell: Double Agent (2006)

The Past is Never Past featured on the season finale of Regenesis finale

Home featured on CBC’s This is Wonderland (2006)

Jezebel featured on 1-800-Missing (2006)

Various songs featured on Chuquiragua – short film (2006)

Ella featured on Zoe Busiek: Wild Card (2005)

Don’t You Forget Me on feature film Amnesie: l’énigme de James Brighton (2005)

Andrea interviewed on documentary What is Indie? (2004)

Various songs from album Mile 0 featured on Drop In! (2003)

Andrea featured on Behavior’s video single “Anywhere But Here” which premiered on Much Music’s “The Wedge” (2001).